The ultimate solution for Macbook, iPhone & Laptop maintenance and Data Recovery."

Restore the performance of your device today,speak to one of our Specialists.

a woman holding a cell phone in her hand
a woman holding a cell phone in her hand

Services offered by MacStation Repair include:

MacStation Repair is the ultimate solution for those in need of device maintenance.

We offer a variety of services for Macbooks, iPhones, Laptops, Smartphones, and Apple Watch, ranging from iPhone screen glass replacement to back cover replacement. We are ready to assist you in restoring the performance and beauty of your device.

Glass Replacement, Refurbishing your Original Screen while maintaining the highest quality of your Genuine Display.

Back Cover Replacement with 100% Professional and Safe Laser Machine

Macbook and iPhone Liquid Damage & Preventive Maintenance

Motherboard Repairs and Microsoldering Services for Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and Smartphones.

Why Choose MacStation Repair?

At MacStation Repair, we understand that maintaining your device is important to you. That's why we offer benefits for our customers. Same-day service, fast and high-quality repairs. Our technical team specializes in Macbooks, iPhones, Laptops, Smartphones, and Apple Watch, possessing the necessary expertise to solve any problem. Moreover, we only use high-quality replacement parts to ensure that your device is functioning perfectly. Don't wait any longer, bring your device to MacStation Repair and let us take care of it!

Restore the performance of your devices.

With MacStation Repair, you have access to the best maintenance services for your devices.

Specializing in Apple Mac repairs, computer and laptop repairs with data recovery.

Don't waste any more time, contact us now and have your device restored in record time.

Here's what our customers are saying

"I went to a different workshop that claimed my Mac was completely broken and beyond repair... it was just the screen, and Paulo fixed it perfectly in 2 days. Highly recommended - he is a professional. And they are a lovely family. 😊"

-Jessica Reynolds

"Incredible service and generous owner! They fixed the liquid spill on my MacBook in just one day, it's a miracle!"

tiencin yong

"I'll keep it brief, but I want to emphasize my SATISFACTION with the service!!!

Quick service! (Completed in just a few hours)

It was delivered to my residence

*Work was done with great efficiency

👍🏾 My rating is 10/10"

Camila Fernada

"I highly recommend this workshop.. They solved my MacBook issue very quickly and at a fair price!! Thank you so much, MACSTATION REPAIR."

Situação do Imigrante

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We are MacStation Repair

MacStation Repair is a specialized company in Apple device maintenance. With a highly skilled technical team and over 17 years of experience in the market, we offer quick and efficient solutions for issues with Macbooks, iPhones, Laptops, Smartphones, and Apple Watch.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality service and ensure complete satisfaction with the service provided.

The ultimate solution for Macbook, iPhone, Laptop, Smartphone, and Apple Watch maintenance.

Restore the performance of your device today with our same-day service!

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